We want to introduce you to the exciting and wonderful world of South American gourmet sweets handmade for you right here in Illinois.  Using traditional recipes and only the finest ingredients, we make the freshest and best tasting artisanal sweets for our patrons.  Our combined know-how comes from the contact and exposure to the rich and varied cultures found all over South America. Puga & Mello Artisanal Sweets strives to share some of the great desserts cherished and treasured by the local communities where they were inspired.  It’s our way of trying to bring this beautifully sweet world closer together.


At Puga & Mello Artisanal Sweets we are inspired by the people of Earth, by their uniqueness, and by their heritage. We also believe in sharing and passing on those cultural traditions, specifically a region’s food legacy.

Vineyards (Mendoza, Argentina)
Tango on Caminito Street (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Sugar Loaf (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Osorno Volcano (Puerto Varas, Chile)
Mount Fitz Roy (Southern Patagonia, Argentina)
Moon Valley, Atacama Desert (San Pedro de Atacama, Chile)
Carnival traditional garment (Brazil)
Iguazu Falls (on the Argentinian & Brazilian border)
Ipanema Beach (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

At Puga & Mello Artisanal Sweets, we invite you to discover and experience this beautifully sweet world with us.

After all, aren’t we all explorers to some degree?

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Our adventure begins with what is known as “The Southern Cone” of

South America, which is loosely made up of six countries:

Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay.

 Although these countries share much, they are at the same time quite unique, which is the birthplace for our sweet inspiration.

Contact us to experience authentic ethnic sweets from

"The Southern Cone” of South America.